Solar Wind Power Technology: How It Works

Renewable energy is clean, green and affordable. This is the reason we have been moving towards these alternative, natural sources of energy.

Two of the most powerful alternative energy sources are sun and wind. Let’s take a look at each of them separately and then at how they can be combined to produce remarkable energy solutions:

Solar Power

The sun has been a huge energy resource not just in the United States, but around the world too. The solar installations in the United States can power around 630,000 homes. With the rise in solar panel technology, it seems that more of sun’s energy will be employed to produce electricity.

Wind Power

Using the wind turbine technology, wind power has become a major source of energy production. Fortunately, the United States is more than self-sufficient when it comes to producing wind power. With improvements in wind turbine technology, this energy source will become more proficient.

Combining the Solar Power and the Wind Power – The Hybrid Solar Wind Power Technology

For decades, energy experts have been looking for ways to maximize the use of alternative energy sources. To an extent, they have been successful. The implementation of solar photovoltaic cells and wind turbine technology are two examples of progress in this area.

Having said that, imagine if we could combine the two technologies? As a result of immense research in the field, scientists and engineers have been able to create a hybrid solar wind power technology.

How the Technology Works

The idea behind the solar wind power is simple, yet brilliant. Previously, a satellite served as wind mill to generate wind power through blades and produce electricity.

The same satellite is used, but now it contains charged copper wires that would seize electrons from the sun and produce massive amounts of electricity. However, there is still some work that needs to be done.

Some Advantages of Solar Wind Power Technology

Here are some incredible benefits of the innovative technology:

  • Although we might not be able to employ all of the energy generated by the satellite, it would prove to be enough for our needs.
  • It is predicted that the new technology would be able to produce a whopping 1 billion gigawatts of electricity.
  • With approximately 300 meters of copper wire, it is estimated that around 1,000 homes will be powered.

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